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My Crazy Life

I WILL save the circus!

I WILL save the circus!

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Blah, I have been so lazy today. Sure I worked, but now I haven't done anything productive that I should, such as packing or working on a paper. It's not due for awhile, but still. I have an interview lined up on Tuesday for Abercrombie, and it appears that it's one where you work, since I was asked to come in dressed in Abercrombie-like clothes, so we'll see how that goes. I'm already getting headaches from my mom, who keeps talking about things that I don't want wedding-wise and...well, it's probably going to be a bumpy road in that respect. We will definitely be clashing a lot.

Quote of the Day (Project Runway)
Santino: I didn't win the Barbie competition, but I won the Nicky Hilton competition...and that's more important. Barbie's not gonna buy dresses from me, but Nicky Hilton might.
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