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January 26th, 2008

So I decided to be an attention whore this year and had a birthday week, instead of just day. It kind of had to go that way though because of everyone's schedules.
On Monday, Myrtis and I went to BJ's for dinner and drinks. I treated myself to a new outfit for the occasion which I will recycle for the Chinese New Year party at work. The food wasn't that great though, but since she and I both work 60+ hours a week, it was nice that we finally got to spend some time together.
On Wednesday, I knew I wouldn't have time to get any work done before lunch, so I got in early, but I still didn't get much done. They all brought food and Debbie made me a cheesecake. Of course when your area has food, everyone comes and chats for like 20 minutes. Then it was time for me to get to training, and right after, I had a project status meeting. When I got back to my desk, John had sent me a birthday message, which made me smile. Then it was time for the luncheon that we have once a month to celebrate the month's new hires, anniversaries and birthdays. Everyone joked that the luncheon was thrown in my honor. Hans let me leave a little early so I could get ready for the Foo Fighters concert. Greg and I went to dinner at On the Border, where I had a huge margarita of course then picked up Sommer. We were running late but it was okay because there were 2 opening acts. Brenda and her cousin were already there when we got there and she was drunk while he was hammered. She bought me a margarita and her cousin, who was about to turn 21 and Foo Fighters are his favorite band, was trying to hit on Sommer. He asked me like 3 times how I knew Brenda and he air drummed through every song. He also kept saying "Foo Fighters- fuck yeah!" Also, some people in front of us got kicked out for smoking pot. As for the show itself, it was really good and we all had fun.
On Thursday, Debbie and Hans took me to birthday lunch and Sommer and I told everyone about her new "boyfriend."
I'm one of those who like work functions so I'm excited for the Chinese New Year party coming up. Greg is getting a part time job so hopefully our financial stuff is getting somewhere.

July 15th, 2006

I WILL save the circus!

Blah, I have been so lazy today. Sure I worked, but now I haven't done anything productive that I should, such as packing or working on a paper. It's not due for awhile, but still. I have an interview lined up on Tuesday for Abercrombie, and it appears that it's one where you work, since I was asked to come in dressed in Abercrombie-like clothes, so we'll see how that goes. I'm already getting headaches from my mom, who keeps talking about things that I don't want wedding-wise and...well, it's probably going to be a bumpy road in that respect. We will definitely be clashing a lot.

Quote of the Day (Project Runway)
Santino: I didn't win the Barbie competition, but I won the Nicky Hilton competition...and that's more important. Barbie's not gonna buy dresses from me, but Nicky Hilton might.

October 1st, 2005

Yay for me- got a check yesterday from the new job and got paid from SRC today. Last night was my first "real" shift. I had two days of training last week and on Wednesday, I didn't go in until after we closed to help set up for the Real Sale. Which I recommend you guys check out if any of you shop at the Limited- it's a huge sale. I sold $500 something worth of stuff, which Jacquelyn said was really good since I only worked for 3 hours and was new. Ended up staying until 11:30...reorganizing stuff is a bitch. Anyway, this one lady came in and was very nice and I was talking to her and she said "Ahh, I see you're tryiing to make the sale. I like that." She had a few questions and I answered them and I made sure to thank her on her way out, and she thanked me for all my help. She was really sweet, has a unique voice. She wanted to buy stuff on sale that she had bought on regular price and then return the items she bought and get regular price back. So basically she had double of certain items. Anyway, this morning, I realized that I only really have 3 work shirts so I decided to go to the Limited here in Denton to buy a new shirt for my shift today. First off, no one greeted me until AFTER I came out of the dressing room. Last night, we were busy and I greeted every single person who came in the store, and there was like only 3 other people in the store. So I go back in the dressing room a 2nd time, then I hear this familiar, unique voice. It was the woman who was singing my praises last night. She recognized me right away, and was returning her clothes that she had bought at regular price, which is good for us, because their store is the one who has to take away returns, not us..so it makes us look better. And then they handed her two receipts from her returns and she asked them for a stapler and they didn't have one. Being as awesome as I am (jk), I pulled a mini-stapler out of my purse and handed it to her. She was sure to tell me she appreciated it, so I think I just built customer loyalty. Yay!
an appreciation to Olive GardenCollapse )
Anywho, I should get ready for work. Sorry about the lack of commenting lately, but I have been reading everyone's entries.

January 28th, 2005

If you wanna read my journal, then you have to comment and I'll decide whether or not I will add you.
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